Mr. Du has been living in Canada for 20 years and during this time has travelled extensively all around the world searching and collecting Chinese antiques. Most of the items in his Chinese antiques collection, which are displayed on, come from small auction houses, flea markets, antique stores and private collectors from European and North American countries.

One of his first guiding principles is to only select antiques originating from China. Secondly, the items must be genuine and authentic; and finally, important and historical items with clear Chinese provenance. These strict standards have assuaged our customers who have purchased high quality Chinese antiques from us for over a decade. They have remained loyal and assured customers and friends.

Fortunately Michael and his family have been collecting Chinese antiques for over 50 years prior to the more recent huge increase in demand for Chinese antiques in China. Due to lower purchase costs, the selling price of his items are lower than other comparative museum quality antiques on the market today. This provides buyers with an opportunity to purchase museum quality Chinese antiques all the while benefitting from greater appreciation in value.

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Products & Services

Ming Huanghuali Table Screen

This is the high end Huanghuali table screen from Ming dynasty. The material chosen is very highly quality with the same color and grains. The same carvings on bothsides (this is very rare for both sides of the same carvings, most table screen is only one side face) The marble part is of natural grain and designs without any man treatment.

Archaic Jade Pot

This is an ancient jade pot in very delicate carving probably from Shang dynasty. It is 20cm wide from handle to handle, and tall 10cm including the cover.

Ancient Bronze Budha Head

Very old bronze budha head, very detailed casting with beautiful patina. It is 25cm tall, 13cm wide.

Song Ivory carving King and Queen

This is a very old pair of ivory carving King and Queen from Song dynasty. Due to the ages, the ivory changed color greatly to dark brown with thick patina. Carving is a bit rough. The size for king is 11cm tall, 4. 5cm wide and 5cm deep. The size for queen is 11cm tall, 5cm wide and 5. 5cm deep.

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