Our experience is comprised of over years in the business of professionally evaluating, authenticating and brokering: fine art, antique Tiffany lamps, and antique Tiffany art glass. We are Private Brokers, NOT auctioneers or dealers. We do not purchase items outright or maintain our own inventory of items for sale. Nor do we provide items at public auction.

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  City Cumming, IA
  Zip Code 50061
  Phone Number (515) 226-0606

From Our Website

Fine Art Investments is a professional, unique type of brokerage service, specializing in the private, discreet sale of authentic, major artworks by American and European from 1700-1995. Competence, honesty, integrity and ethical practices are the core principles upon which our firm was founded. Established in 1972 by Dennis R. Tesdell, we are private brokers for individuals and institutions wanting to sell their American and European paintings by major artists. We maintain a very large list of private buyers.