To satisfy our customers' requirements, we provide museum quality and invisible restoration and conservation services for objects of art, antiques, antiquities, and collectibles. We have gained our reputation by delivering best quality restoration work, and we aim to maintain this distinction with each and every project our customers entrust to us.

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  City West Hollywood, CA
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  Address 411 Westmount Driv
  Phone Number (310) 248-2608

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We are located in West Los Angeles, in close proximity to numerous quality antiques shops. Our close proximity to respectable antiques dealers enables us to serve the community of collectors, dealers, and auction houses. We are open by appointment only. We work with trade, insurance adjustors, and help our clients with claims. All of our customer records are confidential. We do not disclose who our customers are (except for a few that have given us a permission to do so). All work performed, as well as any correspondence is considered to be highly confidential.

Art Display Essentials is a mail order company selling; display stands, bases, cases, pedestals, easels, and custom mount making for; art, antiquities, collectibles. Designing Online - Home and Garden Solutions, Online Design Magazine, Shopping Mall, Quality Links and 3D Room Layout Services! Your Dream Design is just a few clicks away!

When an object cannot be restored due to severe missing areas, or when a part of the object is missing, our custom reproduction services allow our clients to have their object whole. We were approached with a pair of Sevre vases that had missing lids. We recreated the lids in ceramic to have similar weight and feel to the vase. Matching the color and glaze are important elements of the job. Finally, the gilding (including raised, matte and shiny gold) was done to completely match the original vases.

In many cases we strive to achieve perfection by ensuring that prior damages are left invisible. Nevertheless, as a transparent material, there are times when crystal and glass cannot be restored without cracks visible.

In case of the above German porcelain doll, we needed to restore the head which was severely damaged. As can be seen from the picture, the head was restored so it looks as if it was never damaged. Then it was placed on its body, a new wig was put on. Magic! No-one can suspect this doll was severely damaged before Golberg Restoration Co. did its work.

Our furniture & frame, and screen restoration and conservation services are tailored for select items. When it comes to any restoration, including furniture, we believe in quality work, and we are confident that nobody can do a better job than the work we do. Whether structural reinforcement or cosmetic work is done, we do all we can to leave as much of the original stains and finishes intact. After all, a 17 century chest should not look like new. But it should be as strong as it was when it was originally manufactured.