Do you love the nostalgic feeling and inspiration an old quilt or bit o f lace brings to you? Material Pleasures can provide that to you. In business since 1999, we cater to collectors, museums, quilters, crafters, fashion designers, and interior decorators.

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  City Princeton, NJ
  Zip Code 08540
  Phone Number (732) 221-3560

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Wrap yourself in history! Is there anything more warm and cozy and nostalgic than an antique quilt! Whether you are a quilter, collector, looking for design inspiration, or decorating, we have a wide variety of quilts to suit your fancy.

Our service to you is not limited to the sale. We have provided a vast amount of information on this site dedicated to the care of textiles, and some products to help you do that. We also provide written appraisals for antique and contemporary quilts to our local clients. And for those quilts that need just a little TLC, we can perform conservation and restoration services.