Contemporary rug designs can be inspired by vintage rugs, antique carpets, or by relevant works of art, yet are usually executed with a more modern twist, either in the pattern or the color palette. Many of our modern rugs and contemporary rugs were shaped by top designers and architects exclusive to the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery. Modern contemporary rugs are the perfect complement to all sorts of interior arrangements, from classic to state-of-the-art. A modern rug design will not stand in opposition even an antique rug or a vintage carpet. We produce new rugs inspired by antique carpets that feature timeless designs. We stock floor coverings in various sizes from 7 x 10 to 17 x 27. As the current market leader, we have been a major supplier of custom rugs and contemporary rugs for nearly a decade. Within this segment, our main focus has been on offering our clientele the most beautiful and comprehensive selection of unique and eco-friendly bespoke rug options. Whether you are in search of an Italian-garden inspired pattern, a twist on an 18th century design, a sophisticated modern design, or a playful interpretation to match a quirky color scheme, we are confident in our ability to find modern rug designs to capture the personality of your room.

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Retaining an authentic indigenous character and woven by Berber tribes living much as they did centuries ago, vintage Moroccan flat woven and knotted pile rugs are remarkably diverse in style.Learn more
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Merry news! Four of DLB rugs adorn the cover of the November issue of New York Cottages & Gardens. Abstract, delicate and masterfully hand-knotted, the rugs are distinguished by a truly timeless form tailored to the 21st century decorating standards.Learn
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Our 10 chic concrete interiors will make you give up all prejudices and doubts, if you even had any in the first place. Its time for some concrete design!
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Following this path of thinking, we present you the coziest room accessories there are fluffy Beni Ourains and Rya Rugs!
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An incredible early 20th century house design by the legendary Sir Edwin Lutyens, who was described as "surely the greatest British architect of the twentieth (or of any other) century by the architectural historian, Gavin Stamp. This masterly arrangement
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Naturally beautiful - a vintage Moroccan runner decorated with snow capped triangles and other geometric shapes. Multi colored and graphically modern!See more
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A 1910 Manhattan apartment renovated by the amazing Lee F. Mindel. The balcony emphasizing the dramatic Central Park vistas was one of the biggest challenges. "We had to reorient the apartment's relationship to the views." - says the
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This antique Indian rug is truly breathtaking! When we immerse ourselves in its intricate design, we will be pampered with intertwining exotic flowers which are the reflection of faraway Indian gardens...See more
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We give you access to the rarest antique carpet collection in NYC. We travel the globe to find the most authentic and unique floor coverings exclusively for the design community. Each antique rug from our showroom is a one-of-a-kind treasure of the weaving craft. In our Manhattan gallery, we curate authentic antique rugs of the best quality in NYC. DLB provides carpets of all kinds, from European and North African through Persian and Turkish to Indian and Chinese masterpieces, many of which date back to the Medieval Age.