At Syl-Lee Antiques we buy all types of antiques, collectibles, gold, silver, costume jewelry and mid-century modern furniture. We are a family owned business that has been around for over 40 years. We offer free house calls 7 days a week.

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  Person Marion Rizzo
  City New York, NY
  Zip Code 10010
  Address 40 West 25th Street
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Syl-Lee Antiques offers convenient, confidential, and courteous house calls. We have been buying antiques from homes in the Long Island and New York City areas for over 40 years. Many also schedule appointments to have antiques evaluated at our Manhattan store.

We understand that parting with sentimental antiquities is difficult. We know that often, for unexpected reasons, you have to empty the contents of a home. This can get to be overwhelming. You may have antiques, fine art, collectibles and jewelry that have been in the family for generations. We respect the sensitive nature of this process. Thousands of families and individuals have used Syl-Lee Antiques over the years. We will help guide you through the evaluation, sale and removal of your treasures and accumulations.

We have experience in dealing with hoarders. Don’t worry if you or your families home is unorganized and filled to the ceiling with different items. You might have a few rare antiques buried inside. Before you decide to throw it all away or clean it up, call us. We have seen it all and we are happy to come by and take a look.

Customer Testimonials

Adam is perfect. Great prices, incredible service. I recommend Syl-lee to all my friends. They are really terrific, always there to help you with your stuff. I think extremely highly of Syl-Lee antiques. A terrific family owned business who is always there to help you. I have sold many items through them and have been extremely satisfied. This group knows their business and can truly help. The plus is they are really nice!

I always find exquisite pieces shopping at Syl-Lee Antiques. Marion is a pleasure to do business with. Down to earth people with out of this world items.

You never know what you are going to find at this store, new things every week.

5 star service from the associates at Syl-lee...they are very prompt and courteous and I received full value for the items I was looking to appraise. Will definitely recommend to all

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We are your one-stop-shop for everything antique. We are the most favored buyer and seller of antiques in the New York City and Long Island area. We are very in touch with the current antique and fine art market and will evaluate your items accordingly. We have a natural love for antiques and enjoy seeing rare one of a kind pieces on a regular basis. Syl-Lee Antiques (read as "silly") is derived from the names of the owner's parents, (Sylvia and Lee). We are a family-owned and operated Manhattan antique company.

Have you looked in your attic recently? There could be valuable treasures up there just gathering dust. At Syl-Lee Antiques, we'll give you top dollar for your antiques and collectibles. You might be surprised what vintage items are popular and selling for top dollar right now. If you're moving to a smaller home or if you have a family estate or collection to liquidate, we can help with that, too. We buy a broad range of collectibles and antiques, from crystal stemware to jewelry to oil paintings to furniture.

Antique porcelain comes in a wide range of styles, colors, patterns, uses and most importantly quality. Perhaps your antique porcelain piece has been in your family for generations, or maybe you just picked up a likely looking piece at an estate sale or flea market. Whatever the case, if you're wondering what it is worth, you've come to the right place. We offer our clients in-home evaluations to help you sort the "wheat from the chaff." Syl-Lee Antiques is a reputable New York City antique company.

If you have an antique painting that has been in your family for generations, or have recently picked up an interesting piece, you might be wondering how much it's worth. Luckily for you, we offer in-home fine art evaluation services to help you figure out whether you possess a true treasure. Our New York City painting and fine art specialists are especially interested in oil paintings. True professional-quality oil paintings possess several layers beginning with the base, usually fabric such as canvas stretched over a frame, but sometimes a plain wooden panel.

Invented over 600 years ago, clocks are one of the oldest devices created by our ancestors in the birthplace of modern civilization. By giving us the means to track time, build schedules and control the flow of our daily routine, clocks shape the way we live today. Pocket watches made their entrance to society in early late 1400s and early 1500s, when mechanical engineering reached the state when simple spring devices could be made, the first personal, transportable mechanical timepiece. In the early years pocket watches were not the best due to accuracy.

We are antique jewelry buyers in NYC. Our family-owned and operated NYC business will offer you cash for your antique jewelry. To evaluate your antique jewelry, we send one of our expert jewelry buyers to your house to give you a quote. They will look at the cut, clarity, weight and type of carat of the precious metals (gold, platinum or silver) before offering a price. You may also set up an appointment to meet at our Manhattan antique store location. Many times, our clients have exquisite antique jewelry pieces that they never wear and do not know what to do with.

Antique silver items are beautiful contributions to a home, but they can only be a valuable investment when purchased by a collector or antique dealer. However, the market is flooded with hundreds of New York antique buyers, and you need to a reputable, trustworthy business to give you the best value for your NYC antique silver. Before you randomly select a NYC antique silver buyer, you need to understand how the following primary concerns affect the value of your antique silver pieces. In the New York antique silver market, the condition of the piece greatly influences the value.