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Museum quality Dutch Floral Marquetry. The beds were lightly sanded and polished, no other restoration was done. The age is estimated at 1880's due to the geometric design in the beds, as I'm told the Dutch Floral Marquetry didn't use the geometric style until that date. That is all the history I know on the beds themselves. The beds are now in storage and I don't anticipate having the room to continue to enjoy them in the manner they should be. They deserve to be in a home where they can be shown in style.

Every surface of the beds is ornately designed and they are absolutely stunning in person. My pictures do not do justice to the beds. Value is estimated at $10, 000 - $15, 000 for the set, at auction would be expected to go even higher. I would not consider separating the beds, they are a matched set and they need to spend the rest of their lives together!

I can be reached at 502-939-3089 - please only serious calls and no unsolicited services. Buyer is responsible for shipping.



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May 29, 2014

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