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Comprehensive list of Coos Bay, Oregon based collectible & antique dealers, shops and stores.

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Auctioneers - Appraisers - Consultants Licensed, Bonded & Insured - Since 1973 - A professional service specializing in the confidential purchase and sale of estates, individual and business property. ON THIS WEBSITE, we supply information about our upcoming auctions, with photos and highlights of several of the 100's of items that will be in the auction.

We've added a little paint and spruced the place up since my Great Aunt left the business to me, but we still keep her tradition of showing great collectibles and fine antiques. In our store that sets in the pretty Willamette Valley of Oregon -- right beside the Interstate 5 corridor, you will find gorgeous glass, fine oak pieces, kitchen hoosiers, jewelry, a wonderful selections of clocks & pocketwatches

Open 9 - 5 Tuesday through Saturday with a fabulous Caf & Bakery in the heart of 9500 sq feet of shopping, Antiques & Home D'cor. Enormous Chandeliers line the halls of the Caf and the ambiance is exquisite. Lots of eye candy and great ideas for your home.

  • I purchased a wonderful chandelier form B and E recently. I loved the helpful staff and

Antiques and Collectibles; 10,000 sq. ft mall with 50+ dealers. Glory Days Antiques is a family business that has been in Springfield for 15 years. Attention to detail, customer satisfaction, and innovative merchandising are our priorities. Whether you are a local resident or a traveler, please visit our store.

'Aletha Lou's finds its niche with kitsch' Alethalou's Mercantile was reviewed in 'Best of.', of The Register-Guard Ticket April 23, 2004. They liked us as finest place to stretch your dollar! AlethaLou's Mercantile is situated on Pioneer Parkway just one-half block off Main Street. This area of Springfield is known for its many shops featuring antiques and collectibles.

find us on eBay as seller stovepipeantiques. In the US, an antique is defined as a item that is 100 years old or older. Stovepipe Antiques has a significant inventory of antiques, and every attempt is made to guarantee that the store inventory cutoff date is 1970. There are no new items, catalog order items, or reproductions.

Do you already know what you want? Use the quick order form to order all at once! A Living Treasure stands rustically over Little Butte Creek, water pouring out of her antique timbered side like it has for far over a century. Her belts, pulleys and stones have not stopped turning and telling the story of the people who settled the Oregon territory.

You can find rare antique and collectible time pieces including names such as Howard, Hamilton, Bulova and Gruen. carried are new lines providing the newest technologies, such as Seiko wrist watches. Below is just a sampling of what you can find at L.C. Antiques in Medford, Oregon. Be sure to visit and see the ever-changing range of time pieces available!